All Projects

  • Sunrise Road, Palm Beach

    Master Builders Association Excellence Awards ‘Contract Houses’ Winner Cavity Common House, common arches, corbel details and 190mm common blockwork. Approx. 120,000 Bricks and 7,000 Blocks. Crane Onsite.

  • Springdale Road, Killara

    We completed a 60,000 brick extension to front of house. Jobs included face work, common work, and some specalist feature work to front gable.

  • Anzac Avenue, Collaroy

    Multi Award Winning Builder 3 Level House, Common Brickwork Cavity, 190mm face blockwork and rustic face work. Used approx. 45,000 Bricks and 2,500 blocks.

  • Whale Beach Road, Whale Beach

    Luxury Common cavity house and common 190mm and 290mm blockwork. Approx. 5,000 Blocks and 25,000 Bricks.

  • Collaroy

    Luxury Cavity House, 45,000 Common Schooner bricks with+ 2,000 House bricks for making heights.

  • Kissing Point Road, Turramurra

    Face work veneer + 230mm Common boundary walls with approx. 30,000 Bricks

  • Greengate Road, Killara

    Multi Award Winning Builder Approx 24,000 face and common brickwork extension to luxury house plus gables plus chimney stacks.

  • Marlborough Street, Leichhardt

    Face work 190mm Bessa block sides storage area and disabled ramps. Face work brickwork (strut finish) cutting into ramps. Approx. 3,800 blocks and 16,000 face, cutting appox. 420 linears cutting in.

  • Edward Street, Woollahra

    Multi Award Winning Builder Cavity Common 3 Level House. 140mm face blockwork and common approx. 45,000 Bricks.

  • Rosemead Road, Hornsby

    Face and common veneer house approx. 38,000 bricks.